pI am not very experienced in electronics but would like to share my projects in electronics.
Projects I am working on Yusynth modual Synth 20% done phaze 1 and phaze 2 , Dual MeeBlip micro which is now completed, Midi to cv interface which is 80% done.Korg monotron 40%, x0xb0x with Subatomic mods and lots of synthrotek projects single chip is also completed ..
This the first part of the modular synth phaze 1 it has the keyboard controller also 8 step analog sequencer also has VCO,VCA,LFO,ADSR, also 2 clone moog Filters from ms20,ms50 all boards made using Press-n-Peel PCB Transfer System…

Underneath a home made 16 step sequencer using two 4017 and one bc547

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