16 Step Deluxe Sequencer
This is the crown jewel of American Made 16 step sequencers, let me name off the features:
– 16 adjustable steps – On, Off, or Hold-Through to retain the last step’s potentiometer-set value for longer CV times. – Sequence length can be adjusted from 1-16 steps. The 16 Step Sequencer can be shortened to 8 steps with the flip of a toggle switch. The 8 Step Switch allows you to further shorten your sequence from 1-8 or 9-16.
– On, Hold-Through, and Off functions per step
– Gate and S-Trig outputs (for Moog synths)
– CV OUT switchable between 5V and 9V
– Clock IN/OUT to sync with other sequencers or clock-generating sources
– Reset sync for connecting multiple sequencers
– LED indication per step
– Variable Gate/S-Trig length output (staccato to full step duration)
– Momentary and Hard (Stop) Hold function to pause for tuning each step, allowing for precise CV output.
– Knobs and Switches – get your hands on it!

The 8-step analog sequencer is a traditional 8-step sequencer with some extremely handy features.
– Choose between Eurorack power or 9V battery/wall plug
– 8 Steps with high-gate output per step
– 3 CV Outs, each with their own attenuator, 0-5 volt output.
– Clock Input and Output
– Coarse & fine clock adjustment
– Switchable linear ‘random’ function with speed adjustment
– Momentary & Hard Hold Function
– Manual Step Button
– Internal/External Clock Switch
– Reset Input Jack
– Current draw is 20mA
– Size: 3U 20HP
– Module depth (Eurorack version): 1.5 inches

The DS-8 was originally designed by Coron in the 80’s to be mounted on to a drum to in order to produce synth percussion sounds. Similar to the DS-7, which contained a VCO +VCA chain. The LFO modulated the VCO and the decay envelope is triggered by a piezo cell. The Decay Pot is really a release and the VCA is controlled by the LFO. The DS-8 added a colored noise generator with a balance pot, which allows more hi-hat and snare ‘sounds’ to be achieved.

4093 Drone Synth from
A blast of mega crazy sound!. Four 555 timers are controlling a 4093 Nand gate IC and things get OUTA HAND we had a few problems the board was not made any more we had to make a new one but we also found some errors 555 chips got very hot and it was because of a resistor which had not been installed.
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Dual Mega Drone Synth coming soon
I decided to make this as a fun projects after winning some PC boards for synthrotek it is a modular synth but not a Euro rack but its the first synthrotek modular synth the power is 9v with pc fan connections 2 pin.
2 – atari junk console
2 – atari punk console
2 – 4093 Nand Synth
1 – PT2399 and 555 Timer
1 – ring modulator
1 – Modular power unit
1 – Mixer
Maybe I will add a DS-8 clone also Dirt filter.??

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