Korg Monotron

Jacob Watters wanted more from his Korg Monotron, so he created the Megatron, a MIDI and voltage controlled bass synth, based on the Montron.

Mods include:

I am working on my own version of the Megatron my one will have a keyboard and will be made to look like a Synthersizer

CV Control – This is a simple mod due to the solder points on the Monotron’s PCB.

Pulse Wave – using a comparator, he created a pulse wave from the Monotron’s saw wave. The comparator has a control for the width of the pulse.

Sub-Oscillator 1 – A second comparator is used to generate a square wave that clocks a 4040 divider. The first output of the divider is an octave below the sound source, and is used as a sub-oscillator.

Sub-Oscillator 2 – The second output of the 4040 divider is two octaves below the sound source, and is used as a second sub-oscillator.


Envelope – a simple AD envelope control to the filter that can be toggled on or off.

Power – a 7805 power regulator that uses a 9V DC adapter. This eliminates the need for batteries.

Tuning – volt/octave tuning trim pot was moved for accessibility